Our Slow Life

What is "slow living," you ask?

Simply put, it's the concentrated effort of a person or family to live life at a slower pace, with a focus on personal, community and environmental well-being. Originally, the phrase "slow food" was coined in Italy in response to our modern fascination with "fast food," but in more recent years the idea has grown to encompass areas outside of food: work, school, family time, community connections, housing, travel etc. "Slow living" now represents a conscious choice to live life- in all facets- in a slower and more purposeful way.

For our family, slow living includes slow food (cooking from scratch using whole ingredients), homeschooling and bypassing many out-of-the home activities for our children (to keep a quieter pace), becoming connected with community members and places like the library, our church, and local farmers (to build personal relationships and use communal resources appropriately). It also includes a slower approach to personal well-being- a focused approach to live "in the moment," grateful for what we have and positive about our future.

Please don't misunderstand the term "slow." It doesn't mean less fun, less exciting, or less inviting. Quite the opposite (as far as we're concerned, anyway)! We find great thrills in repurposing what we have to meet new needs, learning how to compost and raise worms to raise healthier vegetables in a sustainable way, and learning to find serenity and quiet even in the midst of our busy days.  There is so much fulfilling, amazing information to be learned that we are absolutely bursting with excitement and anticipation!

This is very much a journey for us, not an end point. We only began changing the way we live our lives in recent years, and we still have so much to learn. Our path is continually changing as we find what works for our family: as we grow and change, so do our approaches.

We invite you to come along for the ride, as we create a fulfilling and intentional life, even as we tackle the busy task of raising three young children.

Interested in reading more? Check out these resources:

Beth Meredith and Eric Storm write Create The Good Life, a blog, and they offer consulting services in slowing down and greening up

Slow Living Essentials is a very informative blog, with a list of dozens of other great blogs where folks are outlining their experience of downshifting

Slow Movement offers a breakdown of "slow" essentials, like slow schools, money, travel, books, etc.


  1. Sounds wonderful; can't wait to read more.

  2. I think we all need to take more time to slow down in this world. Everything is rush rush rush and you never really get to enjoy the beauty of it all.



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