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Because of gluten sensitivities for some of our family members, we have chosen to keep our household gluten-free. For us the choice to be gluten free is derived from medical need, but it has launched a lifestyle that's become much more than that. 

At first, we looked for the gluten-free equivalent of many wheat-based products, but soon discovered that not only was the taste often disappointing, but the list of ingredients often included more chemicals than the gluten-containing mainstream products! The more we learned about the gluten contents in our "favorite" foods, the more we began to question the industrial food system as a whole. Why couldn't we eat nuts, if we were only allergic to gluten (found in grains)? Questions about the safety of cross-contaminated foods and processing methods soon gave way to ethical and health concerns regarding animal mistreatment, environmental impact, and genetic modification.

To track the evolution of our whole-food diet read this, this, this and this. Our diet currently includes very little processed food, and is mostly comprised of foods with fewer than seven ingredients if the product is "store-bought," otherwise we make it ourselves. We grow and produce much of our own food, and what we don't produce we strive to purchase from local farmers and grocers. It's important to us that our food is organic and produced through ethical means, but it is just as important to us that our purchase helps those in our community. Our household has been completely gluten-free for a year or so (Emily has been living gluten-free for nearly ten years), so all food consumed in the home is "GF".

Please visit our Recipes page and our Menus page for some great organic, whole food, gluten-free meals!

Gluten-Free Diet Resources:
Celiac Disease Foundation
Mayo Clinic Celiac Disease page
Gluten Free Goddess really is a goddess when it comes to making gluten free, delicious food 
Gluten Free Global Community offers a listing of hundreds of GF food blogs

Whole Food Diet resources:
The Whole-Foods Diet from Medicinet offers several articles on whole-foods eating
Tasty Yummies is a great whole-food, conscious eating resource
100 Days of Real Food is THE go-to resource for those seeking to incorporate more whole foods into their diets
Organic Food Resources:
What is organic? (video)
What foods to buy organic (if you can't buy all organic)
What are the "dirty dozen" foods?
EPA's Children's Health Report on pesticide residue in food
American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations to reduce pesticide exposure for children


  1. Thank you, thank you! I've recently determined that I have a gluten sensitivity. I've bought into the "whole grain goodness" theory for years -- we eat relatively clean and whole, but I've always heavily included whole grains in our family's diet. I was beginning to despair that making the change to gluten-free meant adding in all the refined foods and chemicals I've worked so hard to eliminate. I look forward to following your blog and learning some new tips and tricks to work within the confines of a gluten-free lifestyle while still eating whole, local, unprocessed foods as much as possible.

    Oh, and we've been homeschoolers for the last 8 years, too. :)

    It's such a blessing to find like-minded people in this big world -- to find them blogging and sharing their journey is even better!

  2. I am glad I came across your post.. it's wonderful ! Thank you for sharing!

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