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Have some questions, do you? Here are a few of the things we get asked most often.

Can I use content from your blog on my website? 
If you would like to share content (posts or pictures) from this site on your blog/website, you may do so by using only one picture and by providing a link back to the original post. Please do not repost entire tutorials or content without written permission from us. Thank you!

Where do you get your inspiration and information?
A variety of places, to be honest. I use Pinterest a lot (you can follow me here), read everything I can get my hands on about slow and green living, homeschooling, and preparing whole foods.  Here are a few of my favorite reads right now:

Homeschool Creations
Soule Mama
Modern Alternative Mama
Keeper of The Home
Living Montessori Now
In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan
Anything written by Joel Salatin
Love This Body (my real-life friend with amazing insights and supports)
Anything written by Danielle Laporte

In addition to these resources, Garrett is part of a professional beekeeping network as well as a farming network. Between the two he has multitudes of resources and inspiration, plus a great group of folks to share ideas with.

Do you sell any products that you make?
Not currently. We sell our honey and bee products privately, but if there is enough interest we may consider opening a shop in the future. Please email us at simplelittlehomeblog@gmail.com if you're interested. Other products we produce are currently for consumption by our family.

I'm a little overwhelmed. Where is a good place to start?
I'd start by looking at the Slow Living page and working your way across the top. If one topic interests you over others, go there directly. We blog about so many aspects of our lives that you should be able to find something interesting (we hope so, anyway!). You might also consider checking out Our Story, and Our Dreams.

How do you do it all?
Um, we don't. We prioritize each and every day. What is most important gets done. What isn't, doesn't. We focus on our family mission statement and strive to live out our priorities. Sometimes we drift, getting caught up in the day-to-day chores of less importance, but when that happens we "reset" as soon as we can and start fresh.

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