Welcome to the "bee page." We really like bees, and we're guessing you do too, since you clicked on this link. (Or are you afraid of them and have a morbid curiosity? Read on anyway if that's the case- you'll find out why we love bees so very, very much!)

On this page we've complied some of our posts which detail how we got started keeping bees, as well as some other links to great informational resources. That way, you can read about installing our first hive, splitting the hives as they grew, and even fun stuff like making lip balm from the honeycomb.

Care to see how we extract our honey from the comb? Or maybe how we bottle our honey?

Enjoy these "starter links" and we'll be sure to post more as we go!

Why Be a Backyard Beekeeper? Article from The Daily Green

Maine State Beekeeper's Association webpage offers multitudes of information for someone who's just curious, to someone who wants to begin keeping bees

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