Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine Bookmark Project

We've been doing a lot of wet-on-wet watercolor in the Waldorf style at our house lately, and it's been really fantastic. If you've never used this technique before, I highly recommend it. Check out this great post from Sarah Baldwin at Bella Luna Toys- she makes it to easy! The older kids are ready to really follow along and they create the most exquisite products. Even though my toddler isn't quite ready to follow directions (ahem!), she still makes some gorgeous paintings with this technique. We've even sprinkled salt on the wet paintings a few times for an even cooler (splotchy) look.

But do you know what happens when you fall in love with an artistic approach for a period of time? You make a lot of art. A lot. And you wind up with masterpieces that your dear little ones have created that you don't want to just recycle.

With Valentine's Day coming right up, we decided to use our art to make some "love-ly" bookmarks for family and friends. It was simple and fun! We cut up the art (which, since it was done on watercolor paper is nice and sturdy for bookmark-making), punched holes in the top, and slid some ribbon through. We then used simple rubber stamps (we happened to have Valentine's Day themed stamps on hand) and the kids decorated their bookmarks as they chose.

When they were finished, I helped the kids write special messages for loved ones on the backs of each bookmark.

What crafts are you doing with your kids for V-day?



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