Sunday, January 6, 2013

Beautiful Epiphany

Today was a day of rhythm and grace, and of saying goodbye to another lovely Christmas with family and friends. We began our morning with our church family celebrating an Epiphany party with the little ones (I’ll post more on that tomorrow), and then enjoyed an afternoon of quiet family activities.

It’s our family’s tradition to wait until January 6th to take down the Christmas decorations (except, of course, for the ones I’ve sheepishly squirreled away already when the “fullness” of our house at Christmas time becomes just a bit more than my patience can bear). We end the season much as we began it: around the tree, holding the ornaments for a few extra moments, relishing the memories they evoke. My creative souls fuss over which trinket goes best where, and we giggle about the ones that fall down amongst the branches. We listen to soft music and turn the lights down low.

Coming now is a season of rest. With cold winter days there will be plenty of time to snuggle inside, to make warm soups and to read good books. The outdoor explorations will come with great anticipation as well, and our bodies will be tired and sore after many. But this will be a time of gentle waiting and watching, basking in the sun’s glow a little longer each day. Good byes are difficult sometimes, especially for the littlest ones among us, and yet the promise of what’s to come is too enticing to be denied.

So, tonight we bid our lovely tree a farewell, and we look toward the next season to share.

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