Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Party for Kids

I had planned to put together a post for you, with pictures, from our kids' New Year's Eve party, which I hoped to hold tomorrow.

But a bout of the stomach flu has put all hopes of such an event far, far from the realm of reality, so instead I'm sharing with you my plans and activity links so that you can put together a party on the fly if you choose!

Happy New Year to you all!

The sensory idea:
Shivery Snow Slime by Growing a Jeweled Rose. She has some amazingly fun ideas for kids which incorporate slime, which I will have to do another time with the kiddos, but I thought the glittery, cold slime idea would be perfect for a wintery new year's celebration tonight!

The craft idea:
New Year's Wishing Wand by Cathy James. This is a quick, low-mess craft which can be used in a variety of ways by kids of various ages. Make a wand and use it to make wishes, to grant wishes for others, or as a dance prop.

The snack idea:
Making clock-face cupcakes (kind of like these brownies described by Amanda at The Educator's Spin On It). The plan would be to make cupcakes (using your favorite recipe or mix), and to add a clock face with frosting or chocolate chips, with both hands pointing to the "12".)

The fine motor skill idea:
Use the "Happy 2013" block letter template from The Educator's Spin On It, and use any variety of methods to fill in the block letters. You can use Q-tips to dot rainbow-colored paint in the block letters, or do what we're planning: using glue to adhere sequins and glitter.

The gross motor skill idea:
Creating a New Year's Memory Scavenger Hunt like this one from No Time for Flash Cards. The idea is that each family member volunteers a fun memory from the last year, and Mom or Dad writes it on a ribbon or small piece of paper. Each memory is put into a small container (like a plastic egg) and then hidden for the kids to find! As eggs are found, they can be tied or hung on a small tree to admire.

The song idea:
We'll be singing this new year's song by Jean Warren, to the tune of "happy birthday." We'll be dancing as we do it too, and just might include some other favorite popular songs to really get our groove on. You can be sure that we'll get out our musical instruments basket to help us jam, and we'll be using our wishing wands (idea above) and dancing sticks.  Hummm, I think we'll be using our dancing ribbons and silks to help us too!

The school work for the day:
I have printed out this New Years packet from Cassie at 3 Dinosaurs, designed for kids 2-7. It's free and there are tons of fun, educational ideas in one place! All you need is a printer and some paper (and I'll be laminating some activities for future use).

Supplies Needed for all projects:

Shivery Snow slime:
Iridescent glitter
Warm water
School glue
Wishing Wand:
Contact paper
Cardstock or heavy weight paper
Small glittery bits (sequins, gems, etc.)
Narrow stick or rolled piece of paper
Ribbon for decoration
Scissors, pen for writing wishes, if desired

Clock-face cupcakes:
Your favorite cupcake recipe ingredients or mix
Light colored frosting
Frosting gel tubes, or other edible, "writable" food, like dark chocolate chips for example

Fine Motor Skill 2013 template:
Q-tips or small paint brushes
Sequins or other shiny, glittery bits

Scavenger Hunt:
Plastic eggs (like those used at Easter)
Scraps of paper or ribbon to write memories on
Pen, scissors
Tree to put memories onto, if desired
Pipe cleaners to make 2013 tree topper, if desired

Happy 2013 to you all!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, can't wait to plan out what we're doing next year. Thanks for including a link to our clock brownies. Hope you'll stop by and grab your 2013 Printables from our site too! Here's the link

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