Saturday, November 10, 2012

Seasonal Tables for Kids (Autumn)

Lately we've been integrating a lot more Waldorf method ideas into our homeschool because I love the simple, unpressured, natural approach to learning. One of the greatest aspects that we've been working in is that of the seasonal table. We're big hikers and nature explorers innately, but we've been really enjoying bringing in little bits of our outdoor explorations for further observation. And a true confession here- I'm not always great about incorporating science into our routine in an organic  way (it just isn't an interest of mine!), but researching the kids' questions about what seed pods are, and why mum flowers grow in clumps, well, that's about the best inspiration a mama can get.

It's been so simple- just bringing along a basket when we're in the yard or on a walk- and collecting what we fancy.

 Once inside, we have been arranging our items onto a low shelf so that all the kids can access and explore it. Below we have: mums from our garden, a beeswax candle (which says fall to us because we harvest wax to make the candles in the fall), baskets of flowers, some fallen leaves, a few seed pods, and one last strawberry. We also added a basket of fall harvest items from the farm, including some purple cabbage, gourds, and squash.

 It's all on a tray so that it can be moved to a table and explored more *ahem* thoroughly. (Oh yes, I did have day lily seeds all over the schoolroom floor for many days after we set up this tray, but the learning was completely worth the price.
I am already looking forward to making our own small collection of winter goodies, as the fall season slowing slides into winter. Ah, the beauty of nature's rhythms right in my own home.

What about you? Do you use seasonal trays or displays for your children?

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