Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pumpkin Hopscotch (and number practice)!

Here's how we've been practicing our numbers lately: by doing a hopscotch!

We drew some pumpkins with chalk on the driveway...

 ...and tested them to be sure they were sufficiently "jumpable"...
 ..tweaked our design where necessary...
 ...then added a few numbers to the mix.

 The challenge was to see who could jump on all the pumpkins- in numerical order- without missing one. This required some great teamwork, which made this mama's heart glad.

 When we had mastered our numbers up through 5, Mama got some help from the littler artists in the family and we added numbered pumpkins through 10!

Such a carefree, lovely way to spend a sunshiny, fall day.

What learning are you doing outside lately?



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