Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Jump To" Letters Game

We are always looking for fun and interesting ways to learn our letters, or use those letters to make words relevant to daily life.

By putting some simple masking tape letters onto my living room rug, I was able to meet the developmental needs of each of my three children today.
 I put the letters necessary for each child to spell their full name onto the rug with masking tape.
 Then, I adapted the lesson to each learners skill level. For Ben (age 6), I asked him to jump on the letters which spell his full name, then I asked him to jump on the letters which comprise the names of his two sisters, asking him to sound out the spellings.
At the same time, I called out letters and asked Ava (age 3) to find and jump on those. She was practicing identification.
Last, I asked Ellie (age 21 months) to jump three times to find her brother or sister. She has been working on one to one counting correspondence, and counting her jumps was good practice.
 Next, I asked each child to practice the same exercise, but instead of jumping, I asked them to use beanbags to identify letter.

What do you do to appeal to get all neuro pathways going during learning sessions with your kids?


  1. Looking so cool games you introduced for kids, it takes me into my childhood days. keep posting this kind of valuable post.

  2. What a great idea. I have a feeling my kids would peel up the tape rather quickly though.

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