Monday, October 1, 2012

Autumn Cut Flower Garden

It's kind of a Montessori thing to encourage young children to arrange flowers as a way of developing their aesthetic appreciation. It's also an awesome benefit to parents and teachers of Montessori-educated children to have beautiful cut flowers all over the house all the time. :)

Today we decided to shake things up a bit by making a cut flower garden, fall style. Here's what we did:

We began with a baking pan half filled with water (any clear glass container would work as long as it's not very deep and has a lot of surface area). We collected materials such as rocks, mum and rose flowers, oak leaves, purple cabbage leaves and acorns. We later added colored glass gems to the bottom of the glass pan (sorry- no pictures).

 The above picture is scarcely representative of all the diverse materials that we wound up using as the project unfolded.

We ventured into my flower garden to choose which flowers would make the perfect specimens. Since we have a large variety of mums those were the favorite, but we also had a few rose and dianthus left. We picked up the oak leaves as we were heading back to our driveway workspace and spied the beautiful purple cabbage leaves in the vegetable garden there as well. Acorns and acorn caps were added later, and colored gems after that.

 She's still not sure if it's OK to pick my garden flowers- even though I'm right there telling her to go ahead. (I guess I've been pretty clear in the past about leaving those flowers alone, huh?)
 She does it, and is pretty pleased with herself. (Smile.)
 Once our materials were gathered, the children set to work arranging and rearranging their items until it looked just right.

 After a while we added some scraps of brown burlap so that the flowers could make art outside the water, too. Since the kids knew the flowers would wilt if left without water for too long, so we took pictures of their creations.

Then I let them play with the photos on Instagram. Hey- photography is art too!

What have you been doing with fall flowers lately?

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous. I found you through Montessori Monday. My 18-month-old might be able to do this . . . but she might just eat the flowers too!

  2. LOL - my three toddler boys love to run up to me with flowers and now Autumn is well and truly here in Scotland we are on to orange and red leaves. I do think playing with nature really works. I took my boys out to find leaves from different trees about 2 weeks ago and today my 3 year old ran up to me with a 'beech' leaf. His speech is a wee bit behind his peers and I thought he was saying 'big leaf' but he was adamant that it was a 'beech' leaf. He kept saying it until 'silly mummy' got it right ;-)

  3. Thanks for sharing on our Afterschool Link up. We love spending time out in the yard observation the new fall flowers. We will save our mums for when Diwali comes so we can use those in our decorations.

  4. Such a lovely idea. I have featured this on The Sunday Showcase:

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