Sunday, September 2, 2012

Making a "Toddler Touch Collage"

We had some leftover sandpaper from making my sandpaper tracing letters last week, which caused me to think about what we might use it for. Because, you know, I don't throw anything away without using it a few dozen times first. :)

As I thought about the sensation of touch, a mini lesson came to mind which asked the kids to think about the different kinds of art. We always assume art must be seen- beautiful paintings and sculptures must be taken in with the eyes, of course. But what about music? The sense of hearing. And a delicious meal? The sense of taste. The smell of a beautiful flower arrangement? The sense of smell. These things all constitute art, right? You get the idea.

So, we discussed the sense of touch and how we can create art which appeals to that sense. This project was fun and relevant for the older kids because of that discussion, but was perfect for my toddler because she had free reign to explore and create at will.

Here's what we did:

I pulled as many different tactiles as I had on hand for this impromptu lesson. I'm sure you could find lots more interesting things to add with a little planning. I used sponges, pom poms, some scrap foam, leftover sandpaper bits and some cut up transparencies. We used simple glue and a cardstock paper for the collage base.
 I helped my toddler cut the shapes into manageable pieces and then let her creativity rule the day. I encouraged all the children to feel each piece of the collage before they adhered it because we were going for a piece of art which appealed to the sense of touch, not necessarily the sense of sight.

 The finished products: each child  chose a different assortment of materials and each piece was arranged differently.
 Once they dried the kids were very generous about letting others touch their art to get the full sensory experience, which was neat.



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