Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Goal For the Month Printable for Kids

My house looks like it exploded curriculum at the moment, but I think I'll be seeing some order again soon, mostly because I'm nearly done with our morning binders. (Thank heavens!) You can look for a complete description of our morning binders and school routine coming soon, but for tonight I'd like to share our new and improved goal setting template for kids.

We use our binders each morning, but I also have a section for monthly items. I have created a new template for Ben to use (he's in kindergarten) to create his own goals. For our family, the focus is on helping children to learn to set reasonable goals and create small steps in order to achieve them. This template is for young children- it doesn't require an outline of specific steps or provide a space for a specific timeline, which are things from which older children would benefit. The template is completely customizable however, so feel free to download it and make it suit your needs!

We ask Ben, once per month, to identify something he'd like to work on (academic, social, spiritual, physical, etc.) and write it in the provided space. Then we ask him to think about one or two things that he will need to do in order to achieve his goal. We ask him to draw a small picture of him achieving his goal, and then to write a sentence about how he will know when he's achieved his goal.

Most of our calendar binder work is done with Vis A Vis or dry erase markers so that it's reusable, but these sheets we mark right on the paper. This way, we have a wonderful keepsake and a good indication of our child's though process throughout the year.

Click here to download the goal setting sheet.



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