Saturday, August 25, 2012

My best me

This is my best me.

No, no, no, not "the me with my face partially cut off in this picture!" No, I mean the "me who lived up to her full potential today"- the me that I'm proud of, and the me that I want to be all the time.

Yeah, that me.

This picture is of the me who woke up this morning and hiked a mountain with the kids (the first one all season thanks to my broken foot!). The me who thought ahead to pack a picnic lunch and ate it with all the style of a real queen in the "castle" (OK, observatory) at the top.

The me who generously helped a friend in need this morning, then graciously accepted some help in return.

The me who was happy to see her husband walk through the door from work, and not just because she had a job which needed doing.

The me who picked up a homeschool planner this afternoon and immediately lost herself in all of the incredible learning opportunities we could choose to partake in this school year,

and the me who put down the planner to take time to sit, quietly reading the latest Phillipa Gregory novel (deliciously indulgent treat!).

The me who split a few large garden plants and shared them with a friend,

the me who composted every single scrap of extra food, all day long, no matter how inconvenient it was to walk to the compost pile or chicken coop. 

The me who made a delicious, organic dinner for my family and stayed seated at the table long after the meal was complete just to savor the feeling of closeness.

The me who did four loads of laundry and took joy in the mundane task,

the me who *finally* answered the backlog of blog emails and gave myself permission to let go of the guilt,

the me who drank in every breath of crisp, pending autumn air, thankful to her very core for the promise of the season to come.

This is my best me.



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