Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beanie Baby Letter Learning

A friend recently gave us an entire collection of Beanie Babies she'd had as a child but no longer needed.

We were exctatic. I can honeslty say that it's me who sometimes meets these gifts with a mixture of emotions, now needing to find a home for these new toys, but I was thrilled right away with the amazing imaginative adventures this box of animal stuffies created at our house. I was enthralled watching all three of my children explore the roles each bird, fish and fowl could help them create.

I think that their imagination spurred mine into action because when it came time today to work on learning our letters, I was inspired to use the animals in the lesson.

Here's the simple task I created for the kids:

Grab whatever stuffed animals you have, and
whatever letters your family uses in learning (could be magnetic as we've done, foam, cards, tiles- whatever).

Spread out the letters on the floor so that your child can see each one individually.

Then, you simply hold up a random stuffed animal, like the lion below. Ask your child what the animal is called. They'll say "a lion!" and you'll say "that's right- this is a lllllllion." Put some emphasis on the first sound in the animal's name.

For kids who know their alphabet and are working on spelling, ask them what letter the word "lion" might start with. For kids who are just learning to recognize letters, tell them that "lion" begins with "L" and ask them to help you find "L" in the sea of letters you've provided. If your child is brand-new to letters, show her a picture of what "L" looks like and find it together.

Once "L" is found, place it next to the stuffed animal. Then, choose another.

 Repeat until your child asks to move to another activity, or until all your animals have been labeled.
What learning opportunities are you creating from simple toys?

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  1. Nice! I knew I couldnt get rid of these things for a reason!



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