Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spring Vegetable Burger

Eating seasonally sometimes means throwing foods together that you might not otherwise think to combine, but do so because that's what the garden/farm is producing! I realize that it isn't spring anymore, just for the record, but we're so far north that we're still pulling the last of our spring crops. So, spring burgers it is!

Here's what our family made up this week for one dinner using just fresh, seasonal foods all produced (in one form or another) from within about 10 miles of our house.

 Yummy, right?

Since we purchase our meat from local producers in our town, we have a deep chest freezer full of meat from the spring slaughter. I realize that not everyone eats meat, and for those who do it isn't exactly the most savory idea to consider slaughter times, but it's a "must" if you plan to eat locally. Most farmers will send their animals to be processed in the spring and fall respectively, so eating meat at those times in most eco-friendly. Thus, the hamburger part of our meal. 
Then we took stock of our CSA distribution and our own garden produce, finding we had an abundance of kale, turnips, garlic scapes, scallions and bleeding heart radish (that's the amazing color in the photo- I think I eat them just because they're so beautiful).

So, while the hamburgers were grilling, we washed and cut the kale to saute with a bit of butter. When it was done (just a few minutes and it wilts), we added a few chopped scallions and garlic scapes into the pan for use as a garnish. We also browned some peeled, sliced turnip in a pan to put on top of the burger. Oh, the sweet flavor of those last spring turnips...

We had some fresh cheese that had just been made- a lovely sharp cheddar to contrast with the sweet turnip, and had a few slices of bacon leftover from breakfast.

To plate, kale went first, then burger with cheese, turnips and garlic scapes and scallions. A few slices of bleeding heart radish on the side and we were done! I would have loved to include a bit of sauted summer squash but alas, it isn't quite ready yet in our northern region.

The (sometimes) downfall of eating locally: one must be flexible with the meal plan and eat what's available. Not too great a downfall as a matter of fact, considering I still got to eat this for dinner:

What delicious local foods have you eaten recently?

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