Friday, July 27, 2012

Homeschooling On The Fly

I like to plan elaborate, intricate lessons which involve every sense and sensibility, providing oodles (oh yes, I said oodles) of exploration opportunities for my children.

Sometimes though, life gets in the way and I don't plan the perfect lesson.

Sometimes I don't even come close.

Sometimes I just grasp at the childrens' coattails and hang on for the ride.

That's OK, though. There is plenty of learning to be done on a child's coattails. 

Here is the document which I use to record our learning on those weeks when I haven't used backwards planning or universal design. It's for those weeks when I haven't aligned our French to our math and vice versa- those weeks when we live our lives and record our learning as we go, as a quick "jot down" on Sunday night.

We all have those moments/weeks, right?

And all of them deserve to be documented in our homeschools, each earning space in our child's portfolio, no?

So here it is. Enjoy. Modify. Embrace learning moments where you find them and fill this chart in at the beginning of the week as a plan, in the middle of the week as learning is happening, or at the end of the week, once the learning is done and you just want to capture it.



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