Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Catch the Letter Game

Simple game to reinforce letter identification for young kids: Catch the Letter!

Grab a butterfly net (or the closest thing you have on hand- even a towel could work as a net in this case) and some foam letters. Don't use the hard plastic ones because they might hurt if someone gets bumped on the noggin!

Show your child two letters, and name them both. Say, "I have F [show F] and J [show J]."

Then say, "I'm going to toss both letters in the air and call one of their names. You have to try to catch that letter in your net."

It's really that easy.

Then do it- toss both letters in the air and call, "catch F!".

Can you child catch the letter?

This is a great game for kids who like to move their bodies while they learn (hello kinesthetic learners!), and is a strong reinforcement for automaticity in letter recognition. (That means that it helps children to recognize the letter without thinking about it and figuring it out- they know it automatically.)

Thinks he's going to get them all...
 ..but he misses! (Only a few times, though.)

In what ways to do get your kids moving and learning at once?

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