Friday, July 13, 2012

Bubble Printing

It was so hot here today that we moved out into the driveway and took up our crafts there, with some great success. One such success, which I will share with you this evening, was our bubble printing activity.

So. Fun.

I mean, come on- who doesn't like bubbles?

Here's what you need:
That's dish washing liquid, poster or tempra paint of any color, a shallow dish, some paper and some straws. (Random child's arm in the picture not required.)

First, you put a few tablespoons of soap into your shallow dish. Specific amounts don't really matter because you can adjust consistency at any point during the activity.
 Because my soap was concentrated I needed to add a touch of water to thin the liquid enough that bubbles formed easily when I stirred it.
 I used one of the straws to combine the soap and water.
 Then I added half a cup (or so) of paint to the soap and water, mixing well.
You should see a few bubbles forming as you stir (as shown below). If you don't, try adding a bit more soap.
This part requires close supervision of your children, particularly littler ones.

Each child (who can safely) gets a straw to blow through, creating as many bubbles as possible. Bubbles should be piling up high over the container. Then, the child should press their paper onto the bubbles, forcing them to pop, and therefore make prints on the paper.

The result is like this:

Please do be careful about little ones inhaling paint, rather than exhaling air, when they are using the straws. You'd be surprised how ingrained it is in us to suck "in" on straws and little ones may find it difficult to overcome that instinct. If that's the case then you can just offer to blow the bubbles for them and they can make the print.

One other "process" note: we found that the soap/water/paint mixture lost its efficacy after a few good prints, and we were not successfully able to just add more ingredients to improve the bubble count. Instead, we wound up making a few batches so that each child could have their own turn.

I absolutely love the finished prints- we're making them into greeting cards! I'd love to know what you will use your prints for!


  1. very intresting and prety!

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  5. I discovered this via Pinterest. I am doing a mindful art course and the next section is mark making. I never did this when I was a kid so I just did it and had so much fun. strangely addictive. what next? it is going into a pack of "explorations" for that course which will be assessed. I think it may also have inspired some background for some illustrations! thank you so much. xx

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