Friday, June 29, 2012

Simple Fun

I don't know about you, but I have to try very hard sometimes to let my children enjoy the simple moments in life because I'm too busy to see the value in them myself. Despite my best efforts, sometimes the laundry piles high, the meals don't get cooked and I let the piles of toys in my living room crowd out the more important callings in my life.  I become frustrated and negligent of the thousands of little blessings that happen each and every day...blessings which are not less significant because they happen without forethought or intent, but more so. 

The last two days have been nothing short of treasures, thanks to the cherished little giggles, pensive quiet, keen interest, and acts of kindness my children have shared with me. Oh, when I let go of the "shoulds" I find my real life to be so perfect and sweet.

The most relevant moments are all so simple, they just might sneak by...

Running under the sheets drying on the line.
Some time on the farm.
A bouquet of wildflowers picked for me by my son and husband. 
Preserving the bounty of the harvest with some help.

All simple, sweet things all in their own right, gifts to treasure for all time.


  1. Hello,
    I've recently found your blog and wanted to just say hello and let you know that I'm really enjoying reading. I'll be back often :)
    Well done on remembering to capture some of the simple, precious moments this week.

  2. Hi Tracey!
    Thanks for the feedback and visit- please do come back! :)



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