Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pressed Flower Bookmarks

In early spring around here there are multitudes of the sweetest little flowers, and we just had to take advantage of their abundance by putting these sweeties to work in our arts and crafts efforts.

Want to give it a try?

You'll need:
Lots of little flowers
Parchment paper
Heavy books or a flower press
Contact paper
Hole punch

The process:
First we picked flowers, then pressed them by putting them on parchment paper and sticking them into a heavy book for several days. (Then I found this tutorial by Tinkerlab and wished I'd seen it sooner.)

The flowers came out well enough, however, and we proceeded as planned.

Once the flowers were dried and pressed (did I mention that small flowers work best yet?), we cut a long strip of contact paper and folded it in half to be sure it was even.
 Then we cut along the fold, making two sides to the bookmark.
 It's hard to see the contact paper in this photo because, you know, it's supposed to be transparent and all, but it's there.  Just peel the backing off one piece of the paper and put it, sticky side up, on the table. Arrange your flowers how you'd like them to appear on your bookmark.

 You can put a written message in as well, or some ribbon if you'd like. I would have preferred to add a small sliver of paper with a sweet message, but the little ar-teeeest wouldn't hear of it. Sometimes it's all about process over product, don't you think?

When it looks just the way you'd like, add another piece of contact paper, sticky side down, over the first. This should "seal" it. Trim the edges so no sticky paper is hanging out over the edges.

 Punch a hole in the top and secure a ribbon with a couple of small knots.
 The finished product:

Have you done any craft projects with pressed flowers lately?



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