Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Homemade Taco Seasoning

For years I relied upon the store-bought packets of taco seasoning because I just didn't know there was such an easy alternative. The store-bought ones are laden with excess sodium, anti-caking agents and preservatives, none of which I'm terribly interested in ingesting.

So here is my ridiculously simple alternative:

Combine equal parts (half a teaspoon for a single serving) of the following:

Red Chili Powder

That's it!

I make a large batch (a half cup of each ingredient) at a time and store what I don't use in a repurposed glass jar in the cupboard. It keeps forever, and I always have taco seasoning ready to go when I need it. 
(We eat tacos without shells- we use napa cabbage leaves instead.)

Don't you just love easy, healthful alternatives to prepackaged food?


  1. Thank you!!! This is wonderful.

    1. You're so welcome! Let me know how you like it!

  2. Yum. I am so going to make this. Maybe will add it to some chicken quesadillas this weekend.

    I had to haul out Ye Olde Donvier Ice Cream Maker over the weekend since Shaw's no longer carries the one brand of ice cream with basic non chemicalized ingredients I was interested in purchasing and we'd eaten the last of the stockpile. After a decade in my parents basement; the Donvier works as well as it ever did. After I figured out how to assemble it, of course.

    1. Oh! An ice cream maker! Don't you get so frustrated when a big store stops carrying the all natural stuff? It seems so defeating. Glad you have an "out"- let me know how it goes- are you trying different flavors?

    2. We made strawberry this past weekend; because I hadn't read the recipe book completely and the only base that didn't require cooking and overnight refrigeration was a vanilla base. I left out the eggs in the recipe because I wasn't quite brave enough to go with uncooked eggs in the ice cream. Hoping to try chocolate this weekend; and coffee is Jupiter's favorite so I know that's on the list too.

  3. I found your blog tonight through Pinterest and I love it. I have pinned a few ideas and look forward to catching up on all of your posts, as you can see I started way back!

    I hope it is ok to pin all of your ideas! It is a great way to organise them and share your lovely blog! I have lots of mama friend who would enjoy your posts. Please let me know if you would prefer that I didn't use Pinterest xx



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