Sunday, May 13, 2012

10 Things I Love About Being a Mother

How about crazy pictures of us screaming, for starters?

 But seriously...

On this day for mothers- a day spent in honor of the women who raise us, and ourselves as "raisers" of a new generation- I have compiled a list of my favorite aspects of being a mother at this point in my life.

So many things for which I am grateful!

10. Mother's Day.

9. Reliving the best parts of my own childhood, through the lens of my children's eyes.

8. Baby giggles.

7. Scribble-gifts more precious to me than any gem.

6. Dancing instead of walking, singing for no reason and dressing up (in tutus) to go to the grocery store.

5. Tea parties and mudpies.

4. Nonsensical stories which demonstrate a child's whims and creativity.

3. Early morning snuggles in bed before we're awake enough to greet the day.

2. The overwhelming feeling of gratitude and pride that comes from being near, and watching my children.

1. "Mummy, I love you."



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