Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Play ball! Word Work

Need a quick letter-recognition game that will entice even the most reluctant child? This game works really well for us, particularly with our son who doesn't like to sit at the table to "do school" a lot. I love this game because it has to be played together, and creates a cooperative atmosphere where family members (in our case) are helping each other to learn letters and to beat the game.

You will need:
A large rubber/plastic ball
A permanent marker

The process:
Write as many letters on the ball as you can. If you're focused on captial letters, use them; if you're focused on lower case letters, use them; if you're focused on sight words use them... you get the idea.

The rules:
All players stand in a circle and toss or bounce the ball to one another. The player who catches the ball has to name at least one letter that his/her hand is touching before s/he can pass the ball to another player. This gets really fun when we try to beat the clock and race to see how many letters we can get through in a minute, in two minutes, etc. Our whole family pitches in to help someone who's struggling with a letter because that's where we're at right now in the pre-reading/cooperative skill building process, but the possibilities are limitless so be creative and adapt this game to fit your family!

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