Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eggshell Mosaics

Have a few leftover dyed Easter eggs? Yeah, me too... until today! Here's an idea which will get rid of the whole eggs for you, without the trash can.

You will need: 
Dyed eggs from Easter
Bowls to separate each shell color
Cardstock or thick paper
Glue, clear preferable

The process:
Collect all of your leftover eggs.

Peel all the eggshells off the boiled eggs (if you blew your Easter eggs then you can skip this part and just crush them into bits). It's easiest to sort colors now. Save the hard boiled eggs for lunch, if you kept them refrigerated.

 Next, draw a picture with marker on your heavy paper or cardstock.
 Add glue to the parts you want your mosaic to adhere to.
 Affix crushed eggshell where your heart desires.
 Added bonus? Here's my lunch today, after we peeled the eggs: egg salad on cucumber slices. (Chop hard boiled eggs and mix with a touch of natural mayonnaise and whole seed mustard.) Yum!

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