Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Egg Word Work

Thinking Easter a bit today... maybe a bit late? Good thing I keep a stash of holiday props in the basement for just these occasions when I seem to forget- temporarily- that a major event is coming up that we should be talking about in school.

I whipped up a quick word game using things we have around the house that might connect to an Easter theme.

First, I gathered the tools: plastic eggs, our letter tiles, an egg carton, a laminated copy of Homeschool Creations' Read, Build, Write printables, and a dry erase marker. 
 I wrote a few words we've been working on in the egg carton. Because of the angle, this is harder than it looks. I took the corresponding letters for each word and filled an egg with them. Because we're working with both, I used a mixture of upper and lower case letters to fill the eggs.

 Ben was asked to open an egg and make the letters contained in that egg into one of his words. He could use the egg carton for help.  Once he had the word correctly assembled, he put the letter tiles back into the egg and placed it in the proper spot in the carton.

The golden egg in the corner is the prize for completing all the eggs. I'm not kidding. Such a prize was it, in fact, that all of my children made quite an ordeal about even holding said egg throughout the afternoon.
 For a few exercises we used the worksheet which entailed me writing the word and him sounding it out, building it with the letters, then writing the word on the worksheet with dry erase marker. It was clear pretty quickly that this step wasn't necessary for him to gain more understanding, so we cut it out.

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