Friday, April 13, 2012

Earth Day Craft

This was a quick and fun craft to help my kids understand that we are responsible for protecting the Earth, as illustrated by the hands holding the planet. My son came up with the idea to color the hands in a rainbow of colors, which I thought was appropriate on a number of levels.

To make this craft you will need:

Cardstock or thick paper
Blue and green tissue paper
Marker or pencil

(In honor of Earth Day all of our materials were repurposed- the tissue paper from gifts we've received and the heavy paper from old file folders)

First, trace your child's hands onto the paper and cut them out. Cut out a circle from the same paper which is sized to fit into the palm of your child's traced hand.
 Next, tear up some blue and green tissue paper into small bits (quarter sized is just about perfect).
 Draw the outline of an earth onto the circle you've cut, if you'd like. Use the glue to adhere pieces of tissue paper (slightly crinkled) to the circle in the pattern of land and sea.
 Color the hands in whatever way your child prefers. Older children may want to include a message or a quote.
 Glue the circle, now the Earth, onto the hands and you've got a lovely Earth Day craft!
For more Earth Day craft ideas, visit my Earth Day Pinterest board here.

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