Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tie-Dyed Shamrocks

We here in the Simple Little Home are rockin' the Irish heritage, so of course we take our St. Patrick's Day celebrations very seriously.

These shamrocks are really easy to make and are forgiving enough that the littlest ones can join right in. Plus, they green up a house in no time! Just apply to windows and enjoy...

To begin, use green and yellow markers to color in a coffee filter. Any design is OK, as are any colors, really. Use a lot of ink and leave as little white from the filter as possible.

 Then add drops of water all over the coffee filter. I use a paper towel beneath the filter because the ink will bleed through. I use these eye droppers to make sure that the kids don't add too much water too fast because it's easy to run all the ink right off the filter if you dump water on it.
 This is how it looks when the water has spread the ink.
 Set the filters aside to dry for a while. I take the paper towels out from under them once the ink is dry enough not to bleed through, as it speeds up drying time.

 This is how it looks all dry and held up to the window.
 Then fold it and cut out a shamrock shape.
 Voila! Tie-dyed shamrocks!
By the way, during the winter months we make snowflakes using the same process. Yay for multipurpose projects!



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