Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Making Maple Sugar Candy

After our first attempt at sugaring yesterday, we found ourselves with a glut of delicious maple syrup.

OK, no we didn't.

When all was said and done we got a little less than a pint of our own sweet stuff. That's OK, because we had visited a sugar shack on Maine Maple Sunday, so our stores were full enough.

Garrett has fond memories of making maple candy during his childhood. He had a neighborhood friend whose mother grew up making maple syrup and all of the delicious products which stem from it, and he was anxious to try to recreate the experience with our family. After a quick internet search he remembered most of the process for making maple candy, so we grabbed the gear and resolved to try it.

Here's what we did:

The ingredients are literally just 2 cups of real maple syrup and... nothing else. Smile. You do need a candy thermometer, though.
 Pour the maple syrup into a pot on the stove.
 Bring the temperature up to 235 degrees. That's why you need the candy thermometer.
 You'll see it start to steam and boil. That's good. Stir constantly because it will scorch in the blink of an eye.

 Once it gets up to temperature you'll see the appearance become opaque and the consistency will become thick. Take the syrup off the heat and continue to stir like crazy. You'll see it starting to set on it's own in the pan...
 As fast as you possibly can, dump it into mini muffin cups or other molds. It will harden almost immediately. In the absence of molds just spread it onto parchment paper, as we did. For us it didn't matter what it looked like because we already knew the best way to eat it is crushed up over homemade oatmeal.
 Let it cool. Or don't. Warm is yummy, too.

Enjoy on one of the last cold days of winter- the taste is so rich it demands flannel pajamas, a warm fire, good company and strong coffee.


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