Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Snow" Sensory Tray

 This video may be superfluous. Showing one way that sensory bins (or tray, in this case) can be used may not require a video explanation, but hey! I happen to have a cute one of my kiddo doing something which relates to school so I'm going to share it. :)

I think the idea of a "sensory bin" is thrown around a bit, and it's become sort of an amorphous thing that people say but don't really know much about. A "sensory bin" is really a simple concept: it should encourage creative, imaginary play and should provide a child with lots of "sensory" input. (Thus the name- get it?)

Yes, this was shot right after baths!
For example, the snow tray I used this week gave the kids the chance to explore the feeling of the castile soap flakes, to smell the peppermint, and to move the wooden toy props around the tray to create imaginary scenarios- essentially giving them the chance to use multiple senses in the same project. Simple! Sometimes sensory bins include specific props to encourage thought about a particular theme, like Valentine's Day or Whales... or in this case, Snow.

The video shows Ben using the snow sensory tray that I put out for him with the soap flakes we used in making laundry powder. The tray got a lot of use while I had it out- in fact, the video was taken after bath time on our way up to bed instead of during our school day. ("Mom! Just a couple more minutes, please?!")

To me, that's what learning should really be- a natural, experimental, curious and fun experience!

Minus the girls making a lot of noise and Ava asking to play Angry Birds... yes, Angry Birds... it's a fun way to see how one child uses this creative experience.

Do your kids use sensory (or other types of props) in their play?


  1. So creative! I'd love it if you would share this with my readers for Fun Stuff Fridays. Would you please link up?



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