Thursday, February 23, 2012

Angelina Ballerina Day

Have I mentioned yet today how amazing our library is? Today, we took Ava and a friend (and we dragged the rest of the family with us) to an Angelina Ballerina event at our library. It didn't matter that we weren't terribly familiar with this adorable British mouse character to begin with, because when we left (with our cardboard container mouse ears and pink painted tutus in tow), we were fans for life. We borrowed the books from the library and have been reading them ever since.

The library arranged for a free, sample ballet lesson for all those interested. Here's a peek:
Oh yes, this is a dress-up gown rather than a tutu. After much ado about which of her tutus she was going to wear, Miss Ava chose her own unique style and was the only little girl in the class to don a Sleeping Beauty gown.
She dances with a scarf... without a scarf... this little girl has her own beautiful rhythm.

Though Eleanor appears to be stunned by all the long legs in tights...

...she begins to dance quite beautifully in her big sister's footsteps (but likely not in those footsteps for long!)...

And while I'd love to see my strong, handsome son out there as well, for today his shyness has overcome him and he curls up in a corner with a book.

Still, I take heart in our family dance tonight- at home and free from prying eyes- that the dancer in each of my children will take root and soar.



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