Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We met Dave: our debt-reduction plan

A couple years ago a friend introduced us to Dave Ramsey. We'd heard the name before, and even happened across the radio show from time to time, but had never really given much thought to implementing a debt-reduction plan. Like many other Americans, we were still on the fast track and believed the "I want it, so I buy it,"  adage without giving a whole lot of thought to the particular things on which we were spending our money.

As we began to re-evaluate our life priorities, however, and began to prioritize spending time with our family over material goods, we began to see that our spending habits were going to need to shift just as much as our emotional and intellectual paradigms would in order to acheive the life we wanted to live. In order to spend more time as a family, Mom and Dad were going to have to work less, and if Mom and Dad were going to work less then there needed to be fewer things which required our money! Enter, Dave Ramsey.

You can check out his Financial Peace University here, but suffice it to say that there are a few basic tenets to the plan: get rid of your debt. Then keep it "gone." In other words, no credit cards, no car loans, no student loans... you get the idea. This was counter-culture (to say the least!) as far as we were concerned and it has taken years- yes, years- to fully appreciate and integrate his plan.

But done it, we have. Yes, we have sacrificed things that we didn't want to, and yes, we have lived very differently than many of our friends in order to achieve the financial independence required to live the simple life we desire. And no, we aren't fully there yet! Still, we follow the plan, make our sacrifices, live by our priorities and seek contentment and gratitude for, and with, the things we have.  We have one car, we don't take vacations, we don't buy new clothes, we almost never eat out- we haven't been to a movie theater in almost three years and our children have never been in one!

For us, this life path is still a wonderful blessing and reason enough to continue on this difficult road to financial peace... because in it we find also emotional, familial and personal peace- key components, in our view, to a healthy and fulfilling life.

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  1. So. Inspiring.We need to do more of this! The broke we have... the priorities, less so.

  2. Hehehe... wait until you have kids... they have a way of forcing this sort of thing upon you. :)

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