Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thriftiness Pays Off

Yes, I'm thrifty. Frugal. Economical. Not cheap. I pay far too close attention to the quality of each and every thing that my hard-earned dollars purchase to be called anything so flippant as "cheap." No, I think carefully and then spend. But not too much...

Today I had the good fortune to find some amazing deals at a local non-profit called Ruth's Reusable Resources. This is a charity which accepts donations from local businesses (think items which they no longer need, purchased too many of, didn't fit their specifications for some reason, etc.) and runs a "store" for teachers, allowing them to "shop" for free. I used this resource very regularly during my years in the public school classroom and was heartbroken to stop shopping there when I began to teach at home! Well, recently Ruth's has opened up to the public on Saturday mornings and allows anyone to come in and purchase select items very inexpensively.

Check out what I got today for under $50:

Need a tally?

1 classroom science scale (I have been looking for one of these forever!)
4 wooden stamps
10 sheets of alphabet stickers
15 sheets of valentines day scrap paper
4 bundles of blank note cards
1 geoboard
1 weekly menu planner notepad
1 bag of snomen stickers
5 cookie cutters to use with play-doh
1 travel coffee mug (I have also been wanting a new one of these for a while- this one cost me 25 cents!)
CD case to organize CDs in the car
1 ruler with wave stencil
20 sheets of cardstock
1 magnetic opposites book
1 bag of small clothespins for fine motor work
1 bag of wooden hearts for valentine's day crafts
1 bag of brads
1 roll of self-lamination paper (no, I STILL don't have a real laminating machine)

And all of these, unopened gift-type items:
1 Ooze science kit (contains 3 experiments)
1 Nature Magnaphone
1 Nature Observation kit
1 Music and Melody Princess book and microphone
1 working ATM machine for dramatic play

Perhaps the thing I am most excited about is the organizational utensil in the background there. It's a huge file organizer and I am thinking about using it for a modified workbox system. I may have to try it for a week to see how it goes, and if my kids are too young then I can always use it to sort colored paper and workbooks!

I just love a good deal, and it's especially rewarding to think that all of this might have just gone into a landfill somewhere, but instead is going to bless our family with learning and fun!

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