Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No-fuss Literacy and Math Workboxes for Very Young Children

I use a very, very, very modified workbox system for my young children to supplement our Five in A Row curriculum. At some point we may begin using the whole system, but for now I fill one reading/writing box and one math box each day. I fill them with a variety of activities which can address each of the stages that our children are at, and I allow our kids to pick which of the activities in their box that they want to do. I usually put in a workbook or a printable, a game, and an instructional activity with mom. Sometimes we get to only one activity, sometimes we get to all three- it just depends upon the day (and the baby's nap schedule).

In order not to loose my mind planning three sets of lessons for three kids each day, I keep a Literacy bag and a Math bag hanging in my homeschool room for quick reference. I fill each bag with simple tasks that I don't have to think a lot about. This way, if I've had a long day I can just quickly grab ready-made, usually homemade, reusable games with a focus on each topic. If you'd like to see the types of activities I put in each bag, check out the pictures here or my Pinterest boards: Literacy Ideas and Math Ideas.

In addition I also keep a small binder (index card sized) going for themes each child is working on. This way, if we're going to miss a reading lesson for example, I can throw the binder in the diaper bag and do some quick flash card-type exercises while we're waiting for the doctor, for a sibling to finish soccer, etc.


  1. This is irrelevant but I used those binders for bar exam flashcards. Ugh.

  2. Where did you purchase the index card sized binders! those are perfect



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