Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Making Cloud Dough: Mixed Reviews

I saw this idea on Pinterest (which is really where I see everything because I don't often leave my house), and thought it would be great to try it out. We got our chance this week because it was waaaay too cold to have my little ones outside for very long, so we had a couple of friends over and made this dough. It was described as having the lovely feeling of flour, but moldable (like damp sand).

We discovered these statements to be true, although we wound up tweaking the recipe to get it to really mold (I can't tell you what exactly we changed because my five year old was indiscriminately adding flour and oil at one point), but it's a simple recipe so you can play around with it.

The major discovery however, was simply the mess factor. Yes, the kids loved it in the way that they love anything that makes my kitchen look like a bomb exploded. Think flour residue all. over. everything.

Still, I am saving to recipe for some great outdoor fun this summer. Feeling the flour slide between our fingers was oh-so-soothing, and even I got in on building a castle with a few simple molds.

The suggested ratio is 1:4 baby oil (can use veggie oil, but the baby oil made our hands smell so nice!) to flour. Stir and have some fun!


  1. Is is like sand? I'm assuming it's supposed to be a tactile experience for little ones. Can you shape with it like play dough? Or even with sand toys for a sand castle?

    1. Hi Carolyn, it's very similar to the commercial product Moon Sand, but softer- it really does feel like flour. You can mold it to some extent- it isn't as pliable as PlayDoh because it crumbles too quickly, but it can easily be stuffed into containers and popped out for "bricks" and other impressions. Sand toys are exactly what we used and made s series of walls because we could only stack a few blocks high before the bottom blocks began to crumble.



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