Sunday, January 8, 2012

Homemade Salsa

Sometimes canning is just too hot for me to do in the summer. If you've never done it during those really hot, dog days then you can count yourself lucky. While I love the process, and love the concept of preserving our own natural foods, it can be sooooo hard to stand in front of a hot (and humid!) stove for hours and hours and hours to preserve the harvest.

Enter, the modern convenience of the freezer. I can now blanch the tomatoes, peel and freeze them so that I can make the salsa (tomato sauce, chutney, whatever else) during these cold winter months when slaving over the hot stove seems- in some way- like a beautiful and savory treat.

So here is the salsa recipe that our family uses. I hope that it brings you the same kind of joy and warmth that it brings to our home!

You will need:
15 lbs of tomatoes (no, this is not a typo- it really takes this much because you have to peel the tomatoes and take out the seeds), or 3 quarts of prepared, chopped tomatoes
2 cups lemon juice or vinegar
1 package of salsa seasoning (you can make your own, but I'll be honest- the packets are pretty good and a lot less work!)

Mix ingredients together and serve with tortilla chips.

If you want to can your recipe, I highly recommend the pickyourown website for instructions.

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