Thursday, January 5, 2012

Homemade Holiday

I'm sure that lots of folks out there chose to make, rather than purchase, many gifts this Christmas season. We chose to make almost all of our gifts. It took a tremendous amount of time and thought, but we were so excited to present our family and friends with homemade gifts which we made with them specifically in mind. Some may disagree, but to us making gifts seemed much more personal and demonstrative of love and relationship than buying something at the local mall.

So here's a "taste" of what we made this year:
 :Homemade Strawberry Jam:

 :Homemade Applesauce or Chocolate Sauce:
 We packed our gifts in re-purposed baskets obtained from our basement and thrift stores, which we decorated with a bit of ribbon.
 We also included a bunch of other items that I never thought to take pictures of. These included lots (!) of craft projects from the kids, blocks of beeswax for sealing/finishing wood (for a family member who turns wood as a hobby), fresh popovers made from our eggs, maple syrup from local trees, and homemade beer. 

Gift baskets aside, we also gave gifts of homemade children's aprons, doll dresses, and doll bedding for cradles. Plus, we gave a couple of homemade marshmallow shooter kits. (I normally wouldn't have given the gift of "shooters" of any sort, but the kids who received these are heavy into army play at the moment and their parents gave their stamp of approval prior to the gifts being exchanged.)

Next year we will be excited to include many more honey products, as our hives will be well established and we'll be able to harvest much of the honey they produce. Also, since Garrett has become more interested in mead and wine production, we'll likely have a bunch more beverage offerings to share!


  1. I would like to point out that your crafts have an unfair advantage, because your handwriting is cute.
    But seriously, LOVE the lotion and the beer is delicious!!

  2. And I would like to point out that while homemade goods are fabulous, nothing beats a stand mixer!! :)



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