Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fishing for Letters Game

This is a wonderful game that I made at a Get Ready to Read! conference a couple of years ago. It never ceases to entice even the most reluctant learners, and it can be differentiated (used for a variety of skill levels) easily by making small changes. For example, for children just beginning to learn the alphabet the fish can be placed in order, in a line. For more advanced learners the letters can be mixed up and even upside down to promote advanced letter recognition! It can also be played by having the parent make the letter sound and the child being asked to find the corresponding letter, or even as a spelling game (if the parent says a word and the child must fish for the letters to create that word). By making a few new fish the game can even be used to help beginning readers to identify sight words. So many possibilities!

Download the free printables for the fish here, under the "Making Progress" section.  There are a lot (!) of amazing resources on this site that I use frequently with my kids. (They are mostly very quick and can be used as great curriculum support.)

Here is the basic idea:
Spread the letters out on the floor and call out a letter for your child to find.
The child uses a dowel with a magnet tied to the end of it (I used yarn and packing tape to secure them) to pick up the fish, which have a paperclip on the end to make them magnetic. I also laminated my fish because they get a lot of use.
Then the child works on the desired skill and has some fun as well by picking up the fish you call out! (For the record, yes, Ben is wearing a cape here and sitting in a basket of laundry to do his fishing.)



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