Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bean Toss, Build My Letters Game

We combined a couple of great "letter identification" games the other day and had some wild fun! OK, maybe not "wild," but still a pretty good time. *smile* As many people know, boys don't tend to love worksheets and workbooks, and mine is no exception! He just isn't wild about sitting at the table and practicing his letters one after another, plus I really don't think that young children should be writing much because they haven't yet developed the fine motor control to form their letters well even if they know them. So I've had to come up with a few other ideas to help us achieve our goal of identifying all letters of the alphabet with their sounds.

Here's what we did:
First, we laid out a bunch of letters on the floor. I have these laminated ones for a clay activity that I do, but you could easily write the letters on index cards and lay them out.
Next, Ben threw a bean bag from a spot across the room. He had to identify the letter the bean bag landed on and the sound it makes.

Then he used our Handwriting Without Tears wooden sticks to build that letter on the coffee table (while his little sister destroyed the rest of the game behind him).
If you don't have HWT letters like we do, you could also make come by cutting up old cereal boxes. (You need at least 4 large sticks, three small ones, two large half circles and two small half circles.)

The benefit to this game is that it's a very kinestheic activity, meaning it's one which incorporates movement into the learning process. Some kids are more wired toward this type of learning than others (like Ben!), but all kids benefit from moving their bodies at the same time they are moving their minds.

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