Sunday, January 29, 2012

10 Crazy Things I Am Grateful For Today

Sometimes it's hard to feel grateful; other times it's not. It's usually when I get mired with a bunch of chores that I find it's hardest to feel my gratitude in earnest, but I know it's still there even if it's buried deep. So here is my list of amazingly beautiful, bountiful, blessings I am fortunate to call my own.

10. The piles of laundry sitting in my basement, waiting to be washed. They tell me that my children are clothed and warm.

9. The mortgage bill sitting on my counter. It tells me that my family has a safe home in which to live.

8. The din in the background so loud that it makes conversation difficult. It tells me that my children have enough joy in their lives that it must be exuberantly shared. 

7. The old couch which is ripped, stained and saggy. It reminds me of the many evenings I've curled up there with my husband to discuss our days. 

6. My oh-so-full calendar hanging in the kitchen. It tells me that people in my life love me as much as I love them, and they want to spend time with me.

5. The foot of unshoveled snow in the driveway. It begs to become a sledding hill for eager children. 

4. The toys underfoot that I seem to trip over constantly. They show me that my children have creative energy to spare and sufficient props to enrich their play.

3. My sleepless nights. They tell me that when my children are afraid they still want me to comfort them against the dark.

2. The stack of dirty dishes in the sink. They remind me of the nutritious meal our family shared together this evening.

1. Moments of quiet because in these moments I can truly reflect upon my blessings.



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