Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The joy of line drying laundry

I just walked inside from hanging a load of laundry outside on the line, and I realized what a gift this simple little chore can be. OK, sometimes it's nothing more than a burden, but sometimes- most of the time- it's a few minutes of peace and quiet that I get outside with my thoughts. I steal away for five or ten minutes, and methodically hang my family's garments up to dry, being  mindful of the soothing nature of rhythmic work. I come back just a little more centered after accomplishing a little something good for my family and good for the earth.

Simple Mom thinks so, too. Check out her fabulous post on the top 5 reasons to line dry clothes. I'm a believer!


  1. I totally agree! This mom of 7 enjoys the quiet, methodical act of hanging out her family's laundry on two sets of square clotheslines on my "laundry proch." I especially love having my face up close to the wet, fresh laundry while hanging it and breathing in the clean, fresh scent of just-washed fabrics. It's like an armoatherapy break! Thank you for posting what many of us have discovered to be true.



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